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Car Transporter Trailer

A Car transporter trailer is a vehicle used to transport automobiles from one place to another. Thus a trailer serves as auto carrier carrying cars and other automobiles. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some auto transporter trailers can carry many cars and even trucks. But some are capable of carrying only a single car. Normally these trailers are used for transferring break-down car from the spot to the workshop or sometimes they are used for transporting new car from the retail outlet to the buyer’s home.

Car transporter trailer consists of two parts. First part is the front portion of the cab which is the place where driver and his helper can be seated comfortably and the second part is trailer like portion which is meant for carrying or transporting the cars. There are two types of trailer namely open ended trailer and close ended trailer. Normally car transporter trailer is of open type. Closed trailers are used to protect the car from nature’s havoc such as rain, sunlight, dust and hail storms. Usually closed trailers are preferred when delivering a brand new vehicle to the buyer which requires maintaining flawless appearance during the journey. And sometimes closed trailers are in need to transport classic automobiles and prototypes which stand as a showpiece in exquisite showrooms.

A car transporter trailer is connected to the main part of the auto or any other vehicle by coupling. In other words couplings are the part used to connect the trailer to the vehicle which is needed to be transported. Couplings come in two forms namely fifth wheel coupling and automatic coupling. In fifth wheel type, the trailer is joined to the vehicle by turning around over a coupling plate which is fixed to the chassis of the vehicle. In the next type car transporter trailer is connected to the vehicle by means of a turn-table fixed beneath the trailer. It is firmly connected to the vehicle chassis to pull the car along with the car transporter trailers.