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Earnest request. Before asking a question, please use the search function at the bottom of this page. Since a similar question might have been asked before. If not, please ask your question.

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30.12.2011 alket, United States
Q: how much does it cost to ship two cars to durres albania
A: The transportation of 2 cars in 40ft. container from Newark,NJ to Durres, Albania will cost 3000$ + 85$ for the processing fees per one vehicle. The price can change. Check the updated price at the website.
19.12.2011 XIMENA, United States
Q: I want to ship 15 semi trucks to chile(Arica or Iquique)Can you guys ship RORO, if so how much for shipping? Thank you!
A: Hello. To estimate the rate for the transportation by RoRo service you should provide all the dimensions: length, width, weight, height. Also indicate the make and model of each truck. You can send the request directly to our shipping department: contact1@bidux.com Provide all the necessary information to proceed with your order.Thank you.
18.12.2011 Slavko, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
Q: I need to ship back to the USA my SUV 2001 Lexus RX300 from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in the East Coast USA. Thanks.
A: We ship only from the USA for export. Thank you.
17.12.2011 Paul, United States
Q: How much is it to ship a 40ft container and also, if i do a ro/ro can i put stuff in the car and how much does shipping like 2009 Toyota Camry cost?
A: Indicate the port of destination to estimate the rate. You can send the request directly to our shipping department:contact1@bidux.com
09.12.2011 Mariam, United States
Q: I would please like to know how much it'll cost to ship a 20ft container from china to Senegal? And also a 20ft container from new York to Senegal? Thank you
A: Hello! We provide the shipping service only from the USA. A 20 ft container from NY to Dakar, SN would cost you around 2900$.
08.12.2011 Edward, United Kingdom
Q: Hello, I would like to ask you about the shipping fee of TransAm 88’ from New Jersey, USA, to UK. How much dose the fee cost?
A: Hello! We can offer you shipping in a 20 ft container. The rate to ship from NJ to Felixstowe will be approximately 1900$.
03.12.2011 samuel, United States
Q: How much is it to ship a 2002 passat which is located in philadelphia to Ghana?
A: The towing from Philadelphia, PA to our warehouse in Newark, NJ costs 250$ The ocean freight for 1 car by RO RO service to Tema, Ghana costs 1700$ If you accept the rate you should place the order online to proceed with your order.
01.12.2011 raul garcia, United States
Q: how much does it cost to send 2 quad-motorcycles to guatemala
A: We can offer to ship the motorcycles to the port in Santo Tomas ,Guatemala. 40ft.container from Newark, NJ to Santo Tomas ,Guatemala costs approximately 3150$. The price does not include the transportation inside the USA.
24.11.2011 Daniel, Romania
Q: how much it will cost me to ship a salvage hond insight from baltimore (port) to Germany (hamburg) can I put some part for the car in the container?
A: Hello,the towing of 1 car going from Baltimore, MD to our warehouse in Newark, NJ costs 356$, the ocean freight for 1 car in 40ft.container to the port of destination in Hamburg,DE costs 700$ + 25$ for the processing fees.You can put some autoparts in the container together with your car.
21.11.2011 rafeek shaar, Saudi Arabia
Q: how much does it cost to move 1 bedroom apartment from Riyadh. Saudi Arabia to Montreal. Canada.
A: We ship only vehicles for export from the USA worldwide.
07.11.2011 Akhmed, Russian Federation
Q: I have some stuff needed to be delivered to Russia, to port of Novarosiyssk. it is a machine which makes the gutters and sume gutter supply. The weight of machine is 1,100 lbs and rest of stuff not more 900 lbs. would you please calculate how much it aboutt to cost to make delivery from NJ to Southeren Russia Thak you Akhmed
A: Hello, you should provide all the dimensions for the unit. Need to have the length, width, height and weight.Also please indicate the make and the model of the machine.Send the request to our shipping department with the information to get the actual price for the transportation / contact1@bidux.com
05.11.2011 nery, United States
Q: hello the reason im sending this message is because i would like to known if you do services from delaware to honduras im sending household goods i want a 40ft if you please send me a message with the price please thanks
A: Hello! We can ship only vehicles, and from the following ports: Newark, NJ, Miami, Fl and Los Angeles, CA.
04.11.2011 Rosa Enoma, Nigeria
Q: How much is the fee for a 20 ft container from China to Lagos?
A: Hello! We ship from the USA only.
01.11.2011 klaus kapalle, Aruba
Q: I need to ship my personal belongings from ARUBA to TOGO all packed on 3 paletts 100 x 120m , Shipping in December 2011
A: Hello! We provide only vehicle shipping services and ship only from the USA.
21.10.2011 wadosty, Ghana
Q: i would like to know de shipping cost of a 40ft container filled with tires to Ghana.
A: We ship vehicles for export from the USA worldwide.
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