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Home Insurance Claims Procedures

Claim procedure
In case of damage or loss, with all the questions regarding the claims and compensations, address directly the insurance company:
B&B Insurance Co220013, Republic of Belarus Minsk, 38 Y.Kolasa str.Tel.:+3750172113058Alena Korotkaya 
In order to preserve your rights of action against any delivering carrier as required  by the Insurance covering your shipments upon receipt of every consignment:  1. Make immediate inspection of each package.  2. Take proper exceptions on all delivery receipts in respect to all loss or damage  existing at the time of taking delivery and during transit. It is most important that exact  exceptions be taken in writing on the delivery receipt as to the condition of the  consignment and a copy of the delivery receipt be retained for your claim file.  
Further to protect your rights under your insurance:  3. Promptly report loss or damage to the nearest authorized representative of the  Company to permit assignment of a surveyor, or such other action as may be necessary.  Preserve Packing for examination by surveyor.  4. Immediately file a claim in Writing against carriers. If more than one carrier is involved  (Ocean-Air-Truckman-Railroad) claim must be filed against each.  
Note: Claim to carrier should be positive, not merely expression of an Intent to claim.  5. Collect complete documentation in support of your insurance claim and when  submitting claim for consideration to the Company or their nearest settling agent,  include:  a. Copies of all original ocean, air and inland Bills of Lading covering the entire  shipment including paid freight bills.  b. Certified copy of shippers commercial invoice covering the entire shipment Insured  c. Copy of packing list(s)  d. Duty Consumption Entry Report bearing Entry Number; also, executed Customs  Form No. 5931. (only required on non deliveries and shortages).  e. Copies of all delivery receipts with proper exceptions in respect of loss or damage  noted thereon, as well as any other exceptions or bad order slips and carrier  inspection reports which may substantiate loss or damage.  f. With regard to nondelivery claims, written confirmation by the carriers involved  attesting to their inability to make delivery.  g. Copies of written claims against carriers or others, with their reply when available.  h. Assured's statement of claim.  i. Repair bills.  j. Any correspondence or other reports or information relevant to the transit, loss,  damage or coverage.  k. Original of survey report if it has not been sent directly to the Company by the  surveyor.  l. Original and/or duplicate of Special Cargo Policy or Certificate of Insurance if issued,  properly endorsed by the payee. In case of import shipments not covered by a Special  Cargo Policy or Certificate of insurance, identify the Declaration or Monthly Report  under which the shipment has been declared to Underwriters.  
The foregoing will normally suffice, but circumstances may require additional  information or special action. In order fully to protect your rights, always act  promptly and prudently to preserve and safeguard your shipment.  A list of settling agents can be found under the claims menu option. Additional  contact information can be located under the Contact Us Menu option.